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Is there a particular topic in science that you are passionate about? We are currently inviting contributions from school students to write articles which we will publish on our website. This can also be used as part of the evidence for your Youth STEMM Award (ysawards.co.uk) but you don’t have to be registered as a YSA student to take part.

For your article:

  • Write on any topic which excites you in the areas of science, technology, engineering, maths or medicine
  • Your article should be no more than 800 words
  • Write in Arial font, 12-point, double space.
  • Images are welcome, but you need to ensure that you have the permission to use them and include the source where necessary, we can help you with this if you are unsure.
  • Your article can have links to other websites, other articles of interest, or videos
  • Once submitted, your article will be reviewed by a team of editors at UEA, consisting of staff and undergraduate students.
  • You should hear within six weeks about the success of your article for publication on the website and you may be asked to make some small changes.


Please send your articles to Professor Kay Yeoman at the School of Biological Sciences



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