Christopher Hamilton

What do you do?

My work currently focuses on the application of edible sulphur-containing molecules found in garlic, which can be used as eco-friendly pesticides in agriculture. A lot of what we do, which I think is the more interesting end of things, is try and find out how things work in biology, especially problematic fungi and bacteria. A cup of coffee and quick conversation started my working relationship with Ecospray. They’re a local company that had money to support a PhD research student and wanted me and my lab to work out a mode of action for garlic molecules, when they are used in insecticides and nematicides. The fruit flies we are using in some of our experiments have been genetically engineered to fluoresce (give off light) under the oxidative stress caused by these garlic sulphur-containing molecules. We want to know what happens if you spray a surface with our garlic molecules, is the compound effective when the fly stands on it, does it get on their wings, does the fly eat it? We then look at them under a fluorescent microscope and find out where things are going on inside the fly to help figure out how they work as pecticides. A lot of what we have discovered has been used to help them convince people to use these garlic products. Being able to use our scientific discoveries to explain how they work helps quell the suspicions surrounding the fact that they are just “plant extracts”, which can sound too flowery for some people (no pun intended).

What can you see?

Shaker incubator-
This device is able to shake and maintain optimal conditions for incubating microbes or DNA replications. This ensures nutrient and molecules are distributed evenly throughout the culture in an apropriate environment.

My shaker incubator. When I first started as an academic I had some to buy some kit. Most shakers are a dull cuboid shape, but the unusual shape of this one reminded me of 1960’s sci-fi movies, that’s the only reason I got it, it’s my favorite bit of kit.

When I’m not doing science I…

I have a recumbent bike (cycling lying down) and have become a very keen cycling commuter. Last year I set myself the challenge of riding 10000 miles, which I managed but I’m never doing again.

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