How About a Year in Industry?

On my year out, I worked in Professor Claire Domoney’s laboratory at the world renowned John Innes Centre. Prof. Domoney’s research team whom, as one of many potential crop improvements, are trying to figure out how to make dry peas stay green in colour. After a couple of weeks of laboratory training, I was managing my own molecular biology project and was able to devise my own experiments to facilitate the long-term aim.

This has been the most valuable experience of my life to date and I would thoroughly recommend to it anyone considering a career in science, let alone research. It has set me up perfectly for a PhD, which I’m currently applying for both on the Norwich Research Park and further afield. The biggest surprise was the sheer enjoyment I gained from being part of a large, collaborative team as well as being able to work independently! Being on the NRP also meant that I was able to maintain involvement with UEA goings-on which further enhanced my enjoyment.

Interested in either a year abroad or in industry? Check the university webpages and prospectuses to see if either of these options are offered for your chosen degree programme.

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